International Meeting
For schools
Sharing inspiration for a global education change. To connect schools, students and teachers to raise the standards of education
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Best Educational Practices

To share best practices and methods proven to help students achieve best results in a global level.
To promote visits and stays between the group members.

Global Students

To provide students unique learning experiences.
To create projects to empower students working on their competences.
To share new evaluation and assessment methods.

Learning space design

To research new education models and new space designs.
Flexible learning spaces for a vision where the student is at the core of the learning process.

Technology for Education

To explore the uses of emerging technologies as tools to improve teaching and learning processes.
To participate in investigation, development and innovation projects with partners and stakeholders.

Meet & Share

Fundació Tr@ms is organizing the first Meet & Share days for educational organizations and partners.


First meet&share event for educational organizations

1st july

Morning session at Cosmocaixa

  • Inspiring keynotes
  • International Speakers

Transforming processes happening

  • Best Educational Practices
    Conferences run by participant
    schools in the event.

Afternoon Session

  • Workshop for schools participants

1st and 2nd July
School visits & workshops

2nd july

Morning session
Out of the box workshops (to be confirmed)

  • Education change. Let’s risk!
  • Global competences. Citizens from the globe.
  • Learning spaces. In & Out & Upside down
  • Technology and STEAM. Practical tools.

Cinema Club evening & Dinner

3rd july

Morning session
Cultural Visit


Sharing projects for education change

Our mission is to share inspirational leading innovation processes amongst educative organizations around the world.

The educative community is in a continuous transforming process. Our objective is to connect schools, teachers and students together to raise the standards of education.


Get to know the speakers on the main event. More information will be updated as soon as it is confirmed.

Lasse Leponiemi
Executive Director and Co-Founder at
Learn more
Lene Lansby Lange
CEO at Autens
Learn more
Patricia Alocén
Director at Educaixa
Learn more
Simón Menéndez
Director of the Education Strategy in Ashoka Spain
Learn more
Antoni M. Romero
Director at Fundació Tr@ms
Learn more
Raquel Fernández
Head of International Projects at Fundació Tr@ms
Learn more
Wilfried Van Poppel
CEO “DE LooPERS dance2gether”
Learn more
Sharing Inspiration

Our mission is to share inspirational leading innovation processes amongst educative organizations around the world.

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