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MIT students are collaborating on an online project with 1,800 students from Fundació Tr@ms schools


Since 2017-2018, the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) has collaborated with Fundació Tr@ms to offer the Global Teaching Labs (GTL) project, an innovative experience for students from both educational organizations. MISTI is MIT’s pioneering international education program that offers its students the opportunity to do international internships through collaborations with organizations in the world of research and education.

Given the pandemic situation due to COVID-19, the program that has been carried out in recent years has had to be reinvented and adapted to the situation we are living in worldwide.

This year, MIT students participating with schools associated with Fundació Tr@ms are conducting online challenges with the goal of providing a hands-on methodology to school students.

Teachers and students have explanatory videos made by university students on one site, and throughout the week they connect by video conference in order to learn more about the challenges and carry them out with active methodologies.

The project is organized by modules aimed at the educational stages of Primary, Secondary, and Baccalaureate. Students have focused on this module to work on science, technology, and sustainability. It is a very enriching international and personal experience to get to know MIT, the life of a student there, how they have lived the confinement, and the transformative methodologies of this pioneering university.

The pandemic should not put barriers in our way to conduct innovative experiences. Now, more than ever, we offer experiences about students implementing global competences by sharing and collaborating with students from other parts of the world.